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Data Services

AIG Data Services Pvt. Ltd. is a 100% owned subsidiary of American International Group Inc., a Fortune 500 company with revenues of $70 billion USD.  We are an integral part of AIG’s initiative to drive better decision-making in leveraging business and customer data across 130+ countries and 64,000 employees and growing.
Data today is the driving force behind practically every decision we make. From simple household purchases to complicated and sensitive medical care decisions, today’s consumer is a savvy, inquisitive and fact-focused individual, who consumes and uses data on a daily basis.  

To meet this need, a new vertical is ‘popping up’ in companies around the globe – data organizations. Under the leadership of AIG’s Chief Data Officer, teams of data intelligence professionals are laying the foundation and building the capabilities for their business partners to understand, use, safeguard and improve the quality of the data they have in order to improve the customer, employee and shareholder experience. That’s where Data Solutions at AIG comes in. It’s fascinating and rewarding work and it is in growing demand – with no end in the foreseeable future. That being said, let’s take a closer look at the primary areas of focus in our Data Solutions India site today.

We are driven by the desire to understand and manage how data is created, governed, managed, controlled and consumed by our company and our customers.  By harnessing the power of data, we are able to accelerate business services and capabilities to enhance AIG’s competitive edge.  In Bangalore India, we have developed core centers of excellence to enable our data program. 

These key areas of focus are data architecture and governance, data quality, data sourcing/provisioning, big data technology, big data analytics and data visualization.


Data architecture plays a critical role in determining architectural approaches for data environments, tools and technologies which help ensure the data needs of the enterprise are being met and connected. This team focuses on building data models and leveraging cutting edge industry approaches to design robust data applications and systems.

Data quality provides all our projects and initiatives with clean, trusted data to meet our business objectives. Data is a critical asset and the most important component for all our business decision making and regulatory reporting. We work closely with our business partners to understand business rules that govern the data, conduct robust assessments to ensure data correctness and comprehensiveness, remediate any data gaps including cleansing and finally monitor the data to ensure there is no relapse. These activities protect our businesses from making costly errors and allow us to generate more revenues because of better insights that are derived from our data. An example of this is profiling and assessing critical data elements against defined data quality rules on important business data for critical applications, creation of the data quality scorecard reporting as well as a list of action items for reassessment and remediation. 

Data today is spread across AIG globally and has multiple sources of truths. The data sourcing/provisioning team works on creating a single version of truth by either connecting the dots virtually or physically centralizing data. An example of this is data stores and data warehouses using ETL tools.

We also extensively work on Netezza and data virtualization technologies (Cisco Information Server, formerly known as Composite).

Big data technology and analytics plays an important role in generating actionable insights from structured and unstructured data ingested in a big data environment and developing business solutions by building models using advanced statistical techniques. This team works closely with our business partners in bringing relevant insights in claims, pricing, risk and customer management for our consumer and commercial businesses as well as for the overall enterprise.

We use tools such as Hadoop, R, Python, SAS and other open sourced / licensed software to develop capabilities that are critical to providing AIG with the competitive edge to thrive and grow within the insurance space now, and in the future.

The data visualization team provides data-driven graphics from available information to help the business discover solutions quicker, explore potential data patterns and improve decision making through the use of tools such as Qlikview, Tableau, Cognos and Microstrategy.    

The business analysis team acts as a bridge between the business challenges and the technology solutions. Business analysts participate in strategic projects providing a deeper understanding of the business requirements. They analyze, document, transform and ultimately resolve business concerns with the help of technology. 

Production operations is the backend engine that keeps the Data Solutions applications and environments running as per service level agreements.  The data provisioning team provides users with access to tools and data while ensuring appropriate processes and authorizations are followed.

The application support team ensures that the provisioning / sourcing and visualization / reporting applications run as per the agreed service levels and perform bug fixes and minor enhancements to those applications.  

Quality assurance and testing certifies that the software developed for the data sourcing, validation and visualization functions aligns to the business requirements specified. The team is responsible for independently testing the software for functionality, data / system integration and performance and signs off before the code is turned over to business users. 

At AIG, we thrive when our teams are made up of people from diverse backgrounds, cultures, genders, education, skills and interests. We believe that you, too, can thrive by joining our team. We invite you to explore career options with the Data Solutions team at AIG.